Tuesday, February 17, 2009

first official day as been here now

So it is time to UPDATE!

56. TBR:
1. Death of a Darklord - LKH - I own this - reading in between library books
7. Deja Dead - KR - Finished!
8. Death Du Jour - KR - started
A1. Swallowing Darkness - LKH - Finished!
So I have finished TWO of my books for the year. - I need to be more dilligent about writing down all the books I read. I have come to the realization that I do not know all the names of the books I have finished in the last 6 months since we made it to Colorado.

57. Denver Zoo - we went on Saturday 2-14
It was a free zoo day and it turns out it will be our last chance to visit the zoo. Wea re in the process of packing up the house to move.... OUT OF STATE!

3. The official removal of the duplicate item on my list.... it will be replaced with:
Make at least one cross stitch item a month. (Biscornu, needlebook, bookmark, SOMETHING!)