Sunday, November 30, 2008

A beginning....

Everything must have a beginning.

On swap bot I am part of a group that swaps lists of 100 things. (ie: 100 things that make me happy, 100 songs that I love, etc.)
Well today there was a link to this new swap. It is a goal thing and titled: day zero 101 things to do in 1001 days swap.
The idea is to go to this site, start a list, join the project & maybe get a "sponsor" to encourage you in your 101 things.
I am not sure if I want to actually join the swap, mainly because it will take up one of my precious 20 spaces, but I DO KNOW that I want to make a list & see if I can get it done.
So... I have started a second blog, just for my 101 things. As I think of them, I will get them posted. I will make a SINGLE post with the 101 things once I have reached the magic number.

In no particular order (besides the order that the popped into my head) here we go:
1. Make a full list of the authors I like to read & distinguish which books I have read & which I need to read. - Post them when done... no more partial lists in various notebooks that I could lose, I want a list the world can see.
2. List some items on Etsy. Since I have a sellers account, it would be good to actually list some things for sale.
3. Organize my craft area, so that the baby can not reach all the things that she should not have.
4. Complete A2002's Chutes & Ladders Quilt. Fabric is the Moda Chutes & Ladders line so that is all I can think to call it that makes it clear what quilt it is.
5. Finish the bow-tie quilts for the girls. - This is TWO quilts 6" finished blocks, 9x11 field.
6. Finish the matching bow-tie doll quilts. - This is TWO quilts 6" finished blocks, 4x6 field.
7. Convince mom to do the "Ultimate Charm Quilt Challenge" with me. - Send her the 70 pieces of 9"x11" to use. This is from the book, Beyond Charm Quilts, The Ultimate Challenge.
8. Make the challenge quilts that I have outlined for the UCQC. The idea is to see how many COMPLETE projects you can get from a set of charm squares. My set is 70 fabrics @ 9" square. (There is a two inch fudge space, as they are 1/2 of a fat eighth.)
9. Get pregnant again. - NO NOT NOW.... - but I know we want to have another in the next couple of years if at all possible. That will be during this project.
10. Potty Train A2007. Kinda self explanatory, huh?
11. Make some progress on my EPP Hexagon Quilt. Baste a large number of pieces. Since I have a large number that are clipped, more that are still just stacks of fabrics, and I have a large number of templates, I need to get more in the grab bag to be ready to assemble in sections.
12. Make more sections on my EPP Hexagon Quilt. I have 3 sections together right now. I want to get another two - four sections done - MINIMUM.
13. Lose another 20 pounds. I am down over 25 already as of the day this posted. (Started at 245.)
14. Take a real family vacation. Trips for graduations or funerals are NOT vacations.
15. Purchase the entire CSI family of shows from start to finish. If it is one of those & out on DVD, we need to get it. We are partway there, but we need to do some searching to get the rest.
16. Make my RWB Road Quilt. I have a mass of Red, White & Blue fabrics from a single coordinating line that are destined for a Yellow Brick Road Quilt. I bought them knowing that was there purpose. They are still a "PIG" status UFO.

OK that is it for the first post - because I ran out of things I KNOW I want to do in the 1001 days that this project will give me. - Besides, sixteen is always a good number.
I do believe that this will be a lot of crafty things & home related things.