Monday, November 30, 2009

NaBloPoMo - DONE

I have marked another item off my list!!
I was able to complete NaBloPoMo for November.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Massive Update

I just italicized a few things in the sidebar since they are what I consider complete.
Here is the more info on them.
5. Finish the bow-tie quilts for the girls. - This is TWO quilts of 6" finished blocks, 9x11 field.
Both DONE as of September.
6. Finish the matching bow-tie doll quilts. - This is TWO quilts of 6" finished blocks, 4x6 field.
Both DONE as of July
16. Make my RWB Road Quilt. I have a mass of Red, White & Blue fabrics from a single coordinating line that are destined for a Yellow Brick Road Quilt. I bought them knowing that was there purpose. They are still a "PIG" status UFO.
Partially finished - top and back are done, need to sandwich and quilt, then bind.
21. Get my OWN 100 list journal going. Maybe even a blog for it... all end up with all these linked but different blogs. LOL
Started the journal and published the linked blog, now I need to get some of the lists posted on the blog.
33. Crochet some Socks.
I have made a pair for each of the kids, pair for Mom & Mom's boss. Started on Hubby's pair and 3/4 completed one sock for me. I also amassed a large number of skeins to do more.
34. Get my passport.
Got the ENHANCED ID instead. Valid for land and sea crossing.
41. Make a list of links on the sidebar of this blog.
DONE - see sidebar
44. Try 10 new main dinner recipes.
Have tried a few, but not 10 yet.
47. Get a new sewing machine.
Has been purchased, need to get it set up and in use now.
48. Join: NaBloPoMo - and DO IT!! - at least once.
November 2009 (participating NOW)
52. Complete at least 10 of my 100 lists.
They were written, I need to get them posted.
56. Join TBR Challenge.
See post below, I have COMPLETED THE 12 books for the year.
57. Go to the Denver Zoo.
We went on the last free day before we moved out of Colorado. It was a bit cool that day, but I left A2007 with Daddy, and took A2002 and her friend. We had a BLAST!
69. Replace the broken plate in the set & get flat bowls to complete the set.
We now have a full set of 12 on all the plates and bowls.
74. Take re-useable bags to the grocery store more often than not. (I'll count them as I go to the store.)
We take them ALL the time now. It also does not hurt that we get 5 cents back per bag that we use on our groceries.
79. Read the series that inspired "Bones".
Have finished almost all of them.
80. Start a MySpace page - So I can view the family pics that are on "friends only" profiles.
Started Facebook - not MySpace yet.
86. Visit two states I have not yet been to.
Drove thru Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon on the way to Washington from Colorado.
99. See at least five movies in the theater.
Have seen one so far. Harry Potter Year 6. Looking forward to seeing New Moon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TBR update

This is just copied from my original list with notes at end of each line.

The first 1/2 is a series - RAVENLOFT: The Covenant

1. Death of a Darklord - LKH === NOT FINISHED -- I started this book & posted on goodreads that I had started it. I got thru about 20 pages. I now understand why fans of LKH did not like it. I may at some point finish it & have it sitting by my chair for that purpose, but I have not touched it since we got to Washington. === As this is FIRST in the series, I have not moved on to the others.
2. Vampire of the Mists - CG
3. I, Strahad - PNE
4. to Sleep with Evil - AC
5. Tapestry of Dark Souls - EB
6. Scholar of Decay - TH

The next six are the Kathy Reichs books that "Bones" was based on.

7. Deja Dead - KR === FINISHED READING
8. Death Du Jour - KR === FINISHED READING
9. Deadly Decisions - KR === FINISHED READING
10. Fatal Voyage - KR === FINISHED READING
11. Grave Secrets - KR === FINISHED READING
12. Bare Bones - KR === FINISHED READING
In fact I have also read the next three books in the series as well.

The alternates are listed below.

A1. Swallowing Darkness - LKH === FINISHED READING
A2. From Dead to Worse - CH === FINISHED READING
A3. The Shadows - LAB === NOT STARTED YET
A4. The Thirteenth - LAB === NOT STARTED YET
A5. White Witch, Black Curse - KH === FINISHED READING
A7. Living with the Dead - KA === NOT STARTED YET
A8. Dead and Gone - CH === FINISHED READING
A9. The 6th Target - JP === FINISHED READING
A10. 7th Heaven - JP === FINISHED READING
A11. 8th Confession - JP === NOT STARTED YET

So I have read 13 of the books on my list & it is only October right now.
I hope to finish the LAB books before the end of the year. AS well as possibly the KA book and the two that have been released since that are part of the series too.

I am considering this challenge DONE!!!

Long time - no Internet...

& no internet means "NO UPDATES" to the challenge.

A few of the things have been happening... some have been waylaid.

Look for updates to start happening now that we have internet access.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

first official day as been here now

So it is time to UPDATE!

56. TBR:
1. Death of a Darklord - LKH - I own this - reading in between library books
7. Deja Dead - KR - Finished!
8. Death Du Jour - KR - started
A1. Swallowing Darkness - LKH - Finished!
So I have finished TWO of my books for the year. - I need to be more dilligent about writing down all the books I read. I have come to the realization that I do not know all the names of the books I have finished in the last 6 months since we made it to Colorado.

57. Denver Zoo - we went on Saturday 2-14
It was a free zoo day and it turns out it will be our last chance to visit the zoo. Wea re in the process of packing up the house to move.... OUT OF STATE!

3. The official removal of the duplicate item on my list.... it will be replaced with:
Make at least one cross stitch item a month. (Biscornu, needlebook, bookmark, SOMETHING!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pre-Game Planning

One of the swap-bot group that got me started on this journey likened my buying the crayons & the coloring book to pre-game work of a football team - that helped a lot... THANKS!!

I have the book and a new 64 count box of Crayola crayons.

I have realized I am still missing a #3 on my big list... I really need to figure out something, unfortunately all I can think of is that I need to pack up the house propperly when we move this time. And that sounds like such a crapy thing... but anyone who knows me would understand 100% about me having issues packing for a move.

We found out this past week that the house we are renting is now in forclosure - with auction set for March.
This added to the potential of Husbands shop merging with another of the companies locations & not knowing where we might have to move leads to some sewrious stress for me. If we signa lease in the next two months, then find out we have to move 100 miles, how would that work??? - yep - it SUCKS!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Start date approaching

So - since I have the list posted and all, I am torn between waiting on everything, and starting now....
I am going to start on the TBR challenge, because the rules there are we can start as of Jan 1 - and since one of my Books was a library book that has a hold list, I have to start on it now.

It is thoings like the coloring book, and the suduko books, do I buy the book, do I start on the puzzles?? This is where I have the issue.
I am sure I'll decide on something.....