Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TBR update

This is just copied from my original list with notes at end of each line.

The first 1/2 is a series - RAVENLOFT: The Covenant

1. Death of a Darklord - LKH === NOT FINISHED -- I started this book & posted on goodreads that I had started it. I got thru about 20 pages. I now understand why fans of LKH did not like it. I may at some point finish it & have it sitting by my chair for that purpose, but I have not touched it since we got to Washington. === As this is FIRST in the series, I have not moved on to the others.
2. Vampire of the Mists - CG
3. I, Strahad - PNE
4. to Sleep with Evil - AC
5. Tapestry of Dark Souls - EB
6. Scholar of Decay - TH

The next six are the Kathy Reichs books that "Bones" was based on.

7. Deja Dead - KR === FINISHED READING
8. Death Du Jour - KR === FINISHED READING
9. Deadly Decisions - KR === FINISHED READING
10. Fatal Voyage - KR === FINISHED READING
11. Grave Secrets - KR === FINISHED READING
12. Bare Bones - KR === FINISHED READING
In fact I have also read the next three books in the series as well.

The alternates are listed below.

A1. Swallowing Darkness - LKH === FINISHED READING
A2. From Dead to Worse - CH === FINISHED READING
A3. The Shadows - LAB === NOT STARTED YET
A4. The Thirteenth - LAB === NOT STARTED YET
A5. White Witch, Black Curse - KH === FINISHED READING
A7. Living with the Dead - KA === NOT STARTED YET
A8. Dead and Gone - CH === FINISHED READING
A9. The 6th Target - JP === FINISHED READING
A10. 7th Heaven - JP === FINISHED READING
A11. 8th Confession - JP === NOT STARTED YET

So I have read 13 of the books on my list & it is only October right now.
I hope to finish the LAB books before the end of the year. AS well as possibly the KA book and the two that have been released since that are part of the series too.

I am considering this challenge DONE!!!

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