Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pre-Game Planning

One of the swap-bot group that got me started on this journey likened my buying the crayons & the coloring book to pre-game work of a football team - that helped a lot... THANKS!!

I have the book and a new 64 count box of Crayola crayons.

I have realized I am still missing a #3 on my big list... I really need to figure out something, unfortunately all I can think of is that I need to pack up the house propperly when we move this time. And that sounds like such a crapy thing... but anyone who knows me would understand 100% about me having issues packing for a move.

We found out this past week that the house we are renting is now in forclosure - with auction set for March.
This added to the potential of Husbands shop merging with another of the companies locations & not knowing where we might have to move leads to some sewrious stress for me. If we signa lease in the next two months, then find out we have to move 100 miles, how would that work??? - yep - it SUCKS!!


Veronica said...

Hope you don't mind the comment, I found this blog randomly. If you're looking for something here are a few random ideas.

-Get CPR/first aid certified and create a very complete first aid kit to put in your car for emergencies.

-Take your best girl friends and get professionally fitted for bras together

-Discover three new fun ways to exercise such as belly dancing, rock climbing, weight lifting, etc. Just keep trying things until you find 3 things you would be happy to do again just for the hell of it.

-Instead of donating a million grains of rice online, just buy a 20 pound bag of rice and give it to a shelter or food bank. Then volunteer for the rest of the day with them. It'll push you more out of your box than just logging online.

-Have all the children + mom and dad draw pictures of the family or draw names out of a hat for individual family members. Frame it well and make this into a piece of art that you can proudly hang somewhere.

I hope some of these help! :)

Veronica said...

Opps! I totally skipped over in your list that you were already going to take a CPR class. My bad. I guess I was looking for it in the health and beauty section.

Steve said...

Hi PurpleTX, good luck with you're list and I hope it all goes really well - it sounds like you've got some fantastic creative projects coming up!
I only started my list a couple of weeks ago, so we'll be finnished around the same time!
I'll have a look at you're blog every so often to see how you're getting on.
All the best!!!